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Repro360 Folltropin Brochure

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Batch after batch, vial after vial, Folltropin delivers reproducible results with more transferrable embryos.

Folltropin® is used for the induction of superovulation in reproductively mature heifers and cows. Folltropin is one of the safest products for use in super-stimulation protocols due to its low LH content, and it is the most cited commercial FSH product in embryo transfer literature.

A great deal of effort has been expended over the years in improving super-stimulation treatment protocols. Treatments have evolved from natural luteolysis to complete control of follicular development and ovulation. These advances have made superovulation treatment more “user-friendly” and have helped in disseminating the application of embryo transfer technology throughout the world. A major advancement has been the purification of gonadotrophin products for the induction of super-stimulation.


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