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Calving Calculator
& Herd Tracker app


The FREE app for planning your herd’s calving.

Whether you want to know when your cows will calve, or to calculate when to run a reproduction program, this app can help.

Save your results and log valuable data on your herd’s due dates, and get notifications and reminders along the way.

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Accurately predict the due date

Be guided through the process to accurately predict the due date of your calves – whether you are calculating for a herd or a single female.

Plan breeding for a specific time

If you want your herd to calve around a specific time, use this app to help you plan when your cows or heifers need to be inseminated or placed with bulls, and when to administer synchronisation protocols to get the best results.

Suitable for a range of cattle species

This app will help you determine the most accurate timing for a range of beef and dairy cattle species popular in Australia.

Track your cattle mobs

Manage multiple mobs with our specialised reproduction schedule tracking function. Keep track of all the details.

Plan for various reproductive techniques

Whether you are using IVF, Embryo Transfer, Artificial Insemination, Heat Detection + AI or Natural Mating, this app will help you plan your herd’s calving schedule from start to finish.

Get notifications

Easy to set up notifications to notify you of upcoming due dates to help you plan ahead and stay organised.

Easy to use

Simple, straight forward design to help you plan ahead, and then get on with the job of managing your herd’s reproductive program.

Apple and Android

We know connectivity is important to you, so we’ve made this app available on Apple and Android platforms.