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Dr Sophia Edwards


Sophia is our internal reproduction expert. Sophia joined Vetoquinol Australia in November 2014, after completing her PhD and postdoctoral fellowship at The University of Queensland. Her research, funded by MLA and supported by Vetoquinol (formerly Bioniche) was focused on improving the management and understanding of FTAI in northern beef production herds.

During this time Sophia consulted to various Dairy and Beef herds to assist in improving their reproductive management. Recently, Sophia completed a Masters of Business Administration to enhance her skills in this field. Having grown up on a commercial and seed stock beef operation she has an in depth understanding of the daily activities involved in livestock enterprises. With her background her aim is to build the bridge between the deep scientific understanding of reproduction in livestock, and the business aspects of livestock enterprises acknowledging that all activities are aimed at turning a profit.

Sophia has a track record of improving and solving reproductive issues within livestock herds. With global and local connections, Sophia is able to source knowledge from a wide variety of sources to provide you solutions. Whether it is tweaking programs, or building a business strategy around your reproductive management she can assist. With an approachable personality, Sophia welcomes you to get in touch.

Maurizio Rossi


Maurizio is a veterinarian who joined Vetoquinol Australia in February 2016. Prior to coming to Australia he previously worked for Vetoquinol Italy as the Product Manager for Food Producing Animals. Maurizio has worked with products in relation to food producing animals in the veterinary phamaceuticals from 2000, prior to joining Vetoquinol Italy in 2010.

During his work experience he has collaborated in many projects at international level acquiring a deep knowledge and understanding of the needs for vets and producers.

Maurizio’s ability to help facilitate the communication between people with different backgrounds and experiences, creates relationships useful for all the stakeholders in the world of food producing animals. In Australia, Maurizio is following and organising all the activities Vetoquinol is currently involved in field, conferences, meetings, events, scientific studies and trials.

Greg Heeney


Greg has worked with Vetoquinol Australia since its inception in 2015. Based primarily out of Melbourne, he is responsible for the Australia-wide management of the Vetoquinol range of reproductive products.

Working closely with all stakeholders including reproduction oriented veterinary clinics, embryo transfer specialists, key accounts, and artificial breeding centres, he has a focus in dairy, beef and sheep reproductive management.

Exhibiting a dedication and commitment to his clients businesses, he works to ensure that their needs, and more importantly their client needs, are met and exceeded in a timely fashion.

Prior to joining Vetoquinol, Greg had worked for a large multinational animal health company for 13 years in various capacities. As a Regional Sales Manager, he led a team of 6 people, working with rural suppliers, farmers and large cattle and sheep breeding enterprises in order to maximise their livestock business potential whilst building key long term relationships across the rural industry. He also has worked servicing the feedlot sector as a Key Account Manager and has a sound knowledge and background in cattle breeding and production.

With the technical expertise that a leading global reproduction company like Vetoquinol offers, Greg continues to develop an in depth understanding of reproduction and the commercial benefits that cattle and sheep producers have to gain and is available to assist your business achieve its reproduction goals.