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Inserting Cue-Mate®

Inserting the Cue-Mate

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Use a bucket of water to rinse the applicators. Then wash the applicators between each female in a bucket of prepared disinfectant, such as chlorhexidine.

Once the cow or heifer is restrained, use the handle of the Cue-Mate applicator to clean the vulva. You can also use paper towel to remove extra manure.

This is an example of a clean vulva:


This is not a sufficiently clean vulva:

Hold the Cue-Mate applicator so the handle is vertical. Part the vulva to provide a clean pathway and insert the Cue-Mate applicator upwards, starting at a 45 degrees angle and ending horizontally.

Push until the Cue-Mate until you feel resistance, then turn the handle until it is horizontal. Push the plunger and remove the applicator.

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